Jonovich Companies has found the Design/Build and CM at Risk methods of construction deliveries coincides with our partnering philosophy. It provides for the owner, faster project delivery, lower project cost, and a higher quality of production.

Jonovich Companies, Inc. has been actively pursuing Design/Build and negotiated construction projects for the past 10 years. Starting in 1995 with the Apache Gold Casino’s infrastructure, RV Park, and Conference Center, we have used this method of delivery on current contracts such as Lyon Homes Water Storage Facility, the San Jose Wastewater Treatment Plant, and Pacific Union Homes-Mossdale Landing Sewer Pump Station located in Northern California.

Jonovich Companies personnel have a broad spectrum of construction experience that enables us to help design a project as well as build it. We can offer alternatives on cost and schedule considerations in addition to constructability concepts. Detailed planning and scheduling, using the most up to date computer programs can pinpoint trouble spots in the schedule before irreplaceable time and money has been lost. At the conceptual stage or during construction, we can assist with any phase of the process.

However technical or fundamental your project demands are…. Jonovich Companies, Inc stands ready to assist in building your project.